The ‘Lion of Scotland’; must’ve missed him on the motorway.

The ‘Lion of Scotland’; must’ve missed him on the motorway. It is little wonder the SNP vote surged without the heavy handed help of Alex Salmond. After a devastating night for Ed Milliband and Labour all Mr. Salmond could do was castigate Milliband for not winning more labour seats in England. Milliband had just resigned leadership of his party after what must’ve been a grueling time. Congratulations Mr Salmond for showing such empathy for Ed ( at the same time blethering about a lion of Scotland roaring through the country. Hmm. ) Hypocritical at very best; the SNP set up Mr Milliband TO fail. Nicola: ” I’d like to say now Ed that we would be willing to work with a Labour government” – this reiterated over and over on television, in the press, at every opportunity. OF COURSE this very public invitation is seized on by Cameron. He (C), repeatedly reminded voters that the SNP would be the tail wagging the labour dog in power. Salmond and clever Nicola set up Ed Milliband for the fall. Then they blame him for actually falling. For those who remember, it was the SNP who helped Thatcher to hang onto power. It is in Nicola and Salmond’s interests to have Tories in Westminster. Eventually they will be able to turn to their followers and say “Look, we can’t work with these Tories, they want to take us out of Europe, and all the rest. We will simply HAVE to hold another referendum although we said we wouldn’t”. Save us from these power hungry hypocritical politicians.