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Coronation Street
Coronation Street

Anne has appeared in numerous film and TV productions including Bleak Moments (1971), The Lost Tribe (1980), Coronation Street (1992-94) and Roughnecks (1994-95).

A comprehensive list of Anne’s Film and TV Credits are listed on IMDb Anne Raitt and bfi_logo_transp.

A selection of reviews and photographs

Film ‘Bleak Moments’ (1971) directed by Mike Leigh.

Guardian Review: “All that remains to be said is that this striking and entirely original first feature contains a performance of great depth from Anne Raitt as the girl.”

Telegraph Review: “Much the same qualities turn up in a very different context in Mike Leigh’s Bleak Moments and again an actress, Anne Raitt, – sensitive in the extreme –is largely responsible for the success of a film.

Derek Malcolm’s review of ‘Bleak Moments’ – Best film at The Taormina Film Festival: “No other cinematic portrait of suburban England is so touching, so funny and ultimately so sad, and no other cameos of its denizens strike a truer note than those of Anne Raitt as the lonely girl.”

BBC Centre Play: ‘God Bless Thee, Jacky Maddison’ (1974), Director Jack Gold. Nominated for BAFTA award.

BBC Film ‘Another Day’ (1978) directed by James O’Brien. Penny Valentine’s review: “The play’s real triumph though is the characterisation of anti-heroine Eileen, superbly realized by Anne Raitt. With the merest gesture of shoulder or hand she defines the necessary bruised hesitancy towards life – quite extraordinary.”

The Lost Tribe, BBC (1980)

BBC television series ‘White Peak Farm’ (1988)

White Peak Farm

BBC television series ‘Roughnecks’ (1994-95). 

Scotsman review: “With Roughnecks you just can’t help liking them. Roughnecks is a good looking production, and on the strength of this it looks as though the Beeb may well have drilled for oil but struck gold.” The Times review: “Last night’s episode of ‘Roughnecks’ was terrific.” “The cast is excellent.”